Fusion gastronomic events in La Coruna with “Bo en Boca”

Bo en Boca

Fusion gastronomic events in La Coruna with “Bo en Boca”

Continuing the commitment of A Coruña as a destination for gastronomic tourism, the city has launched a new initiative that takes place from 17 March to 3 April, the Conference Bo en Boca, where nine hotels City up La Coruna offer this Easter an innovative dining experience that fuses the cuisines of the three most influential cultures in the history of the country: Arab, Jewish and Christian.

Organized by the Association Hosting A Coruña, Hospeco, with the collaboration of Tourism Coruña, “Bo en Boca” is a proof of culinary innovation of A Coruña’ and the fun and festive atmosphere that prevails in the tourist offer city ​​and are open to anyone who are in the city at this time, initiatives that have allowed incrmentar year to year in number of bookings at this time in the city that Alberto Lema, president of the Consortium of Tourism and Councillor for Employment and the Economy social, defined as a ‘distinct tourist destination, quality, destination north, atlantic destination.

Carris Marineda, AC, Attica 21, Zenit (Restaurant La Marola), Ibis Style (Restaurante La Fragata), Riazor, Finisterre, Meliá María Pita and Hesperia (Restaurant Gastroteca) hotels are participating in this initiative, explained the President Hospeco, Rafael Benito, “each hotel has  developed the proposal based on their business model” with closed menus, dishes incorporating cards, buffets with snacks as diverse as anchovies sauce Babaganoush, La Gastroteca ; The Sabich, Falafel and Humus, Attica 21; the tabouleh and you Moruno with Maskina, AC; Veal Lacada with peanut butter and Ras Al Janut, Hesperia Finisterre, or Kefta Beef with Vegetable Couscous, the Hotel Riazor.

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