#Jornada5M Round Table: Examples of technological applications to improve tourism marketing


#Jornada5M Round Table: Examples of technological applications to improve tourism marketing

Led by the chief editor of TecnHotel, Juan Daniel Nunez, the table was attended by Ruben Sanchez, CEO of Beonprice; José María Vargas, commercial manager in Spain Parity rate and Patricia Miralles, Head of Innovation at the Hotel Technological Institute.

The implementation of revenue management in the Spanish tourism sector focused participation CEO of Beonprice, Ruben Sanchez, who stressed that the objective of implementing this technology is to sell the largest number of hotel rooms at the best price possible, offering an advantage to the sector hotelier.

Download the presentation by Ruben Sanchez, Beonprice

The sales manager ParityRate, Maria Jose Vargas, addressed the use and competitive advantages of the implementation of chanel management, which allows updating prices and availability simultaneously and in real time across all channels, allowing the hotel save time and costs and avoid problems in managing their availability.

Download the presentation by José María Vargas, Parity Rate

Finally Patricia Miralles, the ITH focused on the use of technology as an ally to improve marketing and distribution in the tourism sector, analyzing the changes that have occurred in recent years in the marketing process and the demands of the new client, who has available a large number of online resources for finding accommodation. Miralles also discussed new trends in this sector and the need for the sector to personalize their offer, correctly analyze the demand and offer a good product at the right price.

Download the presentation by Patricia Miralles, the ITH

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