#Jornada5M: The tourist experience s.XXI


#Jornada5M: The tourist experience s.XXI

Enrique Lancis, director of Business Development and New Technologies Segittur

Director of Business Development and New Technologies Segittur, Enrique Lancis, focused his participation in the analysis of tecnolgías support tourism marketing and new business models that have arisen with the emergence of new tecnologías.En this Lancis sense analyzed the tourist experience in the XXI century, focusing on the experiences and how that experience is shared in a process in which the tourist is continuously connected what makes destinations have to be experiential. These changes have also moved to tourist destinations which have become smart destinations.

In this sense, Lancis explained the comprehensive plan of Tourism of Spain in which it is committed to the development of an innovative tourist destination, consolidated on a technological cutting-edge infrastructure, ensuring sustainable development of the tourist territory, accessible to all, facilitating the visitor interaction and integration with the environment and increases the quality of your experience in the destination and improve the quality of life of residents.

Download the presentation by Enrique Lancis

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