#Jornada 5M: Markets of interest in tourism marketing of Galicia


#Jornada 5M: Markets of interest in tourism marketing of Galicia

The British, German and US markets focused first of the roundtables of the day, which included the participation of those responsible for the Tourist Offices of Spain in London, Frankfurt and Chicago. Ignacio del Valle, deputy director of the OTS London, highlighted the great potential of Galicia as an emerging destination for the English market, which primarily looking for rest, nature and marine tourism. “Everything you look for the segment of upper-class English tourist is offered by Galicia, which also has good connectivity and good value / price,” he said.

This market segment is also the one that captures Galicia in the German market, which remains mostly sunny beach. However, since the OTS Frankfurt, Julio Lopez stressed the importance of Tourism of Spain in increasing the flow of other German tourist, greater purchasing power, which is interested in the tourist offer of northern Spain. “It is necessary to enhance the knowledge of Destiny Galicia, highlighting nature, culture and health, which are elements that are looking for the market segments we want to capture,” said Lopez. Finally Carola Seseña, director of OTS Chicago also highlighted the great potential of destiny Galicia as an alternative to the usual routes already know the US tourist option, since our territory offers everything they are looking for, but lack follow working on placing Galicia in the imagination of the tourist, who mainly has reference Galicia Camino de Santiago.

Download the presentation of Ignacio del Valle OET London
Download the presentation of Julio Lopez, OTS Frankfurt
Download the presentation by Carola Seseña, OTS Chicago

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