Galicia leads in April the growth of tourism in Spain, with 19.5% more travelers


Galicia leads in April the growth of tourism in Spain, with 19.5% more travelers

The data from the National Statistics Institute indicate that it was the second Community with the best evolution, growing above 7.6%.
This is a higher quality tourism that can raise the profitability of hotels up to 17%.

Last April, the Galician Community led the growth of tourism in Spain. With an increase in the number of travelers of 19.5% became the second autonomous region, only behind the Balearic Islands, with the best performance during the month in which Easter was celebrated. An Easter as celebrated this year in the month of April and last year in March, has made the assessment of the INE is done by analyzing the aggregate period of March-April. It shows a growth in overnight stays of 2.7% over last year in Spain as a whole while in Galicia the number of passengers was 360 thousand who made 686 thousand nights, 18% more than last year.

The good tourist behavior was repeated in the four Galician provinces, which recorded progress in tourism demand with remarkable intensity. The growth was higher than 20% in the provinces of Lugo and Pontevedra and 15% in A Coruña and Ourense.

Demand increased both among travelers from somewhere in Galicia, the rest of Spain and the international market. In this particular case, the weight of foreign tourism stood at about 28%, thus setting maximum levels of volume and weight in a month of April.

The sector also saw its results improve from an economic point of view. According to INE statistics, hotel rates increased in Galicia in this fourth month of the year by 6.5%, above the Spanish average, where the increase was 3.2%. Profitability, as measured by RevPAR or income per available room, also grew more than the Spanish average. The increase in Galicia was 17%, while in the rest of Spain it grew by an average of 4.2%.

Galicia is also among the destinations that registered the most notable and intense increase in profitability levels in that month. Thus, Cantabria was the community with the greatest growth in this indicator, followed by Asturias and Galicia, all of them communities of Green Spain, the tourist brand of northern Spain.


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