Galicia led in July tourism growth in Spain, with more than 675,000 travelers and 1.7 million overnight stays

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Galicia led in July tourism growth in Spain, with more than 675,000 travelers and 1.7 million overnight stays

Our territory received 43,000 more travellers than in July last year, marking the best number of travellers and occupancy in Spain only behind Asturias.

Galicia received more than 675,000 passengers in July, almost 43,000 more than in the same month last year, representing an interannual growth of 6.8% in all types of accommodation, hotels and extrahoteleros. Also increased the number of overnight stays, which amounted to 1.7 million, 1180 thousand more than in the same period last year. These figures place Galicia as the second community with the best performance in the seventh month of the year, only surpassed by Asturias. It should also be noted that, according to data from the INE, increased both the number of Spanish and foreign tourists, with the increase among the latter more intense with the arrival of 11% more than in July last year.

Particularly noteworthy is the 21% increase in overnight stays in tourist apartments, where nearly 24,000 travelers stayed, totaling more than 111,000 nights and marking the highest average stay, ascending to 4.68 days, compared to 4.22 that on average is spent in Galician campsites. For its part, the price index of rural tourism accommodation rose slightly in July in Galicia, with a rise of 0.33%, compared to 2.51% of the average. Thus, rural tourism accumulated 65,000 nights and 29,000 visitors, recording an increase in demand of 7.2%. For its part, 75,000 travelers chose the Galician campsites to stay in July for more than 319,000 nights (5.6% more than in July the previous year), to these data are added those of hotel accommodation, which in July had 7.6% more customers and 6.7% more overnight stays. The average stay in Galician accommodation grew last month by nearly one percentage point, accumulating, according to the Xunta, four consecutive years of improvement in this indicator during the month of July.

In contrast, at the state level, overnight stays in extrahotel tourist accommodation exceeded 19.7 million in July, 0.5% less than in the same month in 2018, falling in tourist apartments, which fell by 1.4% in July, although it must be borne in mind that a significant part of these establishments have left the statistics to be reclassified as tourist use housing.


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