Galicia, ‘healthy’ destination for short breaks users

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Galicia, ‘healthy’ destination for short breaks users

The portal concludes that its users choose preferably Lugo and Pontevedra for their plans of healthy tourism, besides Ourense where they opt for the thermalism.

National health and wellness tourism is increasingly choosing Galicia for its getaways, a trend that is gaining followers, who are looking for relaxation and wellness in their travels. According to the thematic getaway portal Weekendesk, 27% of the reservations related to resorts, spas and thermal waters of the users of this portal opt for Galicia for their trips, which makes it the region of healthy tourism par excellence. This is highlighted by this specialized portal, which indicates that Lugo and Pontevedra are the two favorite provinces for this type of ‘healthy’ plans, with 38% of the total reserves for its offer of spas, spas and thalassotherapy centers, now so fashionable to use seawater for curative treatments. Moreover, in Ourense we also find one of the favorite places for customers for wellness breaks while A Coruña, for its part, is also listed as a place of welfare with 11% of sales. Many of these travellers complete the wellness experience with other complementary activities such as gastronomy, wine tourism and river cruises.

Domestic and local tourism

The Galicians themselves represent a high percentage of these short thematic escapes, with 48 % of the reserves, followed by Asturians and Castilians with 13 %, Madrid, with 8 % of sales and Catalans with 3 %. As for the average price of getaways, Galicians spend the least when they escape on their own land, with an average of EUR 138. Tourists arriving from other parts of Spain pay an average of 169 euros for weekend plans and most do so in pairs.


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