Santiago City Council and Compostela Hotel and Catering Company collaborate to promote the consumption of tap water


Santiago City Council and Compostela Hotel and Catering Company collaborate to promote the consumption of tap water

The Santiago City Council and the Compostela Hospitality Association have signed an agreement to promote the consumption of running water and, therefore, reduce the generation of waste in the HORECA sector. The agreement, framed within the Santiauga project, commits Hostelería Compostela to act as an intermediary between the establishments and the city council, giving the maximum diffusion and visibility to this initiative and organizing information sessions for the establishments interested in participating in the proposal.

For its part, the Santiago City Council undertakes to deliver the campaign materials, such as jars or table posters, to the participating establishments. The initiative, “is part of the association’s commitment to care for the environment, and is part of the objective of to have a cleaner and more welcoming city, as the customers in the sector deserve, The president of the Association, Sara Santos, explained that “there will be many establishments that will join the campaign.

The councillor for the Environment and Coexistence, Xan Duro, explained that the agreement aims to “encourage restaurants, preferably those that serve the daily menu, to offer tap water to accompany lunches or dinners”, following an initiative that has been successfully operating for years in cities around the world such as Paris or New York. “The consumption of tap water is the best option for quality, sustainability, price and health” not only because of the enormous environmental impact of plastic waste, which is added to the costs of bottled water, but also because “we have very good quality tap water, which has the ESO 22000 certification for food safety and control of the safety of drinking water”, a recognition implemented in the reference food industries that also began to be introduced in some water supplies for human consumption. In addition, laboratory studies indicate that the quality of the water from the Santiago tap is identical to that of bottled water, with a low degree of mineralization, intermediate pH levels and low sodium content.

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