Where do we want to locate Destino Galicia in 2020?


Where do we want to locate Destino Galicia in 2020?

The Tourism Strategy of Galicia 2020 defines sustainability, innovation and competitiveness as priority objectives, which will be achieved through:

– A sustainable, innovative and competitive tourism destination, based on natural resources and landscape under the principles of slow tourism with the sea as a reference, culture and heritage as references consolidating a quality offer and high value added. It is necessary to analyze the load capacity of points at risk of saturation and generate flows to redistribute tourism as well as bet on intermodality and for better use of existing connections (airport coordination, AVE arrival and rail connections, pedestrian mobility and Maritime …). In addition, we must work to improve the social recognition of tourism and its impact on wool society and wool economy.

– A destination in which the participation and collaboration of the tourist value chain are the bases on which is articulated an offer of resources and unique experiences centered on our identity values, that makes possible an efficient commercialization in the domestic and foreign markets, Under a brand that identifies us as territory, Galicia, and that under a general premise of quality attribute value to all sectors of our economy.

 – A destination that will have in the gastronomy its spearhead as a distinctive and unique tourist product and the Camino how great resources that facilitate the visibility of Galicia at an international level.

– A destination for those who are committed to new models of tourism marketing, impulse of the receptive, tourist information offices adapted to the new demands of the tourist and online marketing platforms together with the preparation of product manuals adapted to each market Foreigners and the prospection of new markets are key aspects for the internationalization of Galicia, not forgetting the implementation of a loyalty program to consolidate the growth experienced.

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