Of the tourism accessible to the sensitive, central theme of the IV Forum Proturga

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Of the tourism accessible to the sensitive, central theme of the IV Forum Proturga

The Auditorium of the Children’s City of Pontevedra will host on December 1 and 2 the fourth edition of the Forum Proturga, organized by the Association of Tourism Professionals. One more year, the forum revolves around accessible tourism, but this time it does so from a different optimum, from sensitive tourism. And it does so with a double objective: to transmit the human perspective of accessible tourism, by professionals and tour operators with experience in dealing with people with functional diversity, but also to put into value the work developed by the CIFP Carlos Oroza de Pontevedra , Which in recent years has been characterized by its commitment to accessible tourism and the creative ability to design tourist experiences based on the senses.

The forum includes reports by professionals from the sector such as Enrique Santos, José Ángel Abraldes, Paulo Fontán, Fátima Rodríguez, Manuel Lema, Julia Saavedra, Soledad González, Jacinto Pérez and Nuria Luque, all of them with a free character.

But in addition to conferences on the professional reality of accessible tourism, the forum will include activities such as sensitive tastings of coffee, cheese or bread, as well as a complete sensory experience in the restaurant of the CIFP Carlos Oroza or sensitive routes through Pontevedra , All activities that will be in charge of the students of this training center. These activities do have a small cost – tastings and walks € 2, restaurant € 12 – so it is advisable to do the previous registration.

You can consult all the information and make the registrations in the web of Proturga

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