Consolidate Galicia as a sustainable tourist destination, Turismo de Galicia challenge


Consolidate Galicia as a sustainable tourist destination, Turismo de Galicia challenge

Turning Galicia into a sustainable tourist destination is one of the challenges assumed by Turismo de Galicia under the maxim that sustainability must be a transversal element present in all tourist policies that are developed in our territory. This was expressed by the Director of Turismo de Galicia, Nava Castro, in a conference on sustainable tourism and the importance of the enhancement of the natural environment that imparted in the university residence CET Santiago

Nava Castro, explained that sustainable tourism development depends on three fundamental pillars, social, economic and environmental, and pointed out that for a destination to be completely sustainable all the agents interrelated with it have to work in the same direction so Emphasized the importance of business and industry professionals being consistent with this model of resource protection. “This involves a rational use of productive resources linked to the business, and work to achieve a commitment of corporate responsibility in social, environmental and economic,” said Nava Castro.

Among the most outstanding sustainable products in our community, Galicia’s tourism director highlighted the thermal, enogastronomic, industrial, marine and ornithological tourism as well as the network of mountain biking centers Galicia and stressed that making our community a European model of tourism. Sustainable tourism “means working on the protection, conservation and enhancement of the endogenous resources of Galicia, without losing their essence and values ​​of environmental and social sustainability.

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