The Consellería de Cultura e Turismo, through the Axencia Turismo de Galicia, comes to open the call for grants for 2019 to help local entities to improve their tourism infrastructure for which it will allocate a total of three million euros, 20% more than the initial item that was allocated last year for the same purpose.

As published today in the Diario de Galicia (DOG) will be able to opt in competitive competition regime both municipalities, associations and local consortiums with competence in tourism, as well as groups of municipalities which will be helped to recover and improve accessibility and signaling of tourist resources in rural areas.

In this way, the actions of embellishment of the accesses to the tourist resources will be subsidized, including the recovery and landscaping treatment, the ornamental illumination, the recovery and creation of landscaping viewpoints, footpaths, routes and other elements of tourist interest. It will also help in the adaptation of spaces for parking vehicles in order to reduce the negative impact they produce.
The aid from Culture and Tourism will also cover actions to beautify the Goods of Cultural Interest or with a declaration procedure already initiated which may consist of actions such as the beautification of roads or burying of waste containers and removal of aerial wiring and communications antennas, among others. They will also be subsidized actions of tourist value of the resources including recovery of elements of ethnographic interests or traditional architecture.
In the same way, actions to improve accessibility are included, with the elimination of architectural barriers in the accesses to goods, resources and tourist routes. This line of aid also includes signposting under the conditions indicated in the published bases.
A total of 164 local entities benefited last year from this line of subsidies that contribute to the diversification of the Galician tourist offer, so that all Galicians can experience the economic, social and cultural benefits that tourism can bring, especially in the rural. The deadline for submitting applications will be one month, counted from the day after its publication in the Official Journal of Galicia.

Wednesday January 16th, 2019

The Xunta will allocate 3 million euros in aid to local authorities for improvements in rural tourism infrastructure

The Consellería de Cultura e Turismo, through the Axencia Turismo de Galicia, comes to open the call for grants for 2019 to help local entities to […]
Tuesday January 15th, 2019
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Wednesday January 2nd, 2019

Culture and Tourism supported nearly 200 Galician companies in their Q Quality certification process.

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Thursday November 22nd, 2018
banda ancha

The Xunta opens a new call for aid to provide ultra-fast broadband to businesses and self-employed isolated areas

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