After a positive month of occupancy in July, with an average increase of 6% in the number of travelers and 5% in the number of travelers, the Galician rural tourism houses face what is traditionally the best month of the year , August, with very good expectations. Predictions are supported by studies published by and Top Rural, both portals specialized in marketing this type of accommodation.

Although they differ in the percentage of occupation that auguran for the month of August in the Galician houses, – TusCasasRural amounts to 60.42% while for Top Rural could reach 78% of the occupation -, in which both studies agree Is to put Galicia in the top 5 of the favorite destinations of rural tourists this summer. Galicia would thus be the fifth community with the highest occupancy rate, only behind the Balearic Islands, Asturias, Navarre, Catalonia and Euskadi, in the case of the Tuscasasrurales study, while for Top Rural the first place would be for Cantabria, followed by Asturias , Basque Country and Balearic Islands.

These occupancy figures far exceed the state’s average occupancy rate for this type of accommodation, which stands at 53%, according to the study and 56% for Top Rural. The latter study also establishes that Pontevedra leads the list with an occupation of 82%, followed by Ourense with a percentage of 78%, A Coruña with 77% and Lugo with 70%.

In any case, beyond the discrepancy of the figures, what both leave of manfiesto is the global improvement in the occupation of the Galician rural tourism houses with respect to the previous years and a tendency of constant growth.

Tuesday August 1st, 2017
turismo rural casa videira

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After a positive month of occupancy in July, with an average increase of 6% in the number of travelers and 5% in the number of travelers, […]
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Wednesday July 26th, 2017
A Coruña
A conselleira de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación do Territorio, Beatriz Mato, informará sobre un programa de actuacións complementarias dentro da campaña de concienciación do uso racional da auga tras manter un encontro co presidente da Asociación de Empresarios de Hostalería da Coruña, Héctor Cañete. Na sala de xuntas da Delegación territorial da Xunta (rúa Vicente Ferrer, 2).
Foto: Moncho Fuentes / AGN  A Coruña

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Wednesday July 26th, 2017
EFE/Óscar Corral.

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