Despite the foreseeable decline in the total number of travelers, Turismo de Galicia considers that 2018 may be the “second best year” for Galicia

After a “record” 2017, forecasts indicate that 2018 will close with a decrease of around six points in the total number of passengers arriving in Galicia, which could be around 4.7 million. Despite this, both the Xunta de Galicia and the sector itself value positively the whole year as it has managed to raise the ratios both in average occupancy and diversification of arrivals, improving the data in months of the year that traditionally marked modest figures.

Despite this, this last quarter could close with a decline in hotel occupations, which must also be framed in the overall trend registered in the country as a whole. In this sense the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, referred to that in Galicia has fallen “in some indicators with respect to the average”, but rises in others as the average stay, while there is an increase in hotel rates, issues that point to a stabilization of the market and an improvement “quality and not quantity.

Precisely in this commitment to quality is also working the tourism sector, promoting products and offer aimed at diversification and deseasonalization and working together with the public administration to build a more competitive and sustainable destination”, as set out in the Tourism Strategy Galicia 2020, which is committed to a long-term destination management in which growth is consistent with the sustainability of the destination.

In this sense, Turismo de Galicia is strongly committed to specialization through its commitment to natural tourism or cultural tourism as elements that generate differentiating experiences throughout the year and as a type of tourism that is called to play a key role in the development of the sector in Galicia, betting on the development of products that delve into the enormous heritage value of our territory.

Monday December 31st, 2018
EFE/Óscar Corral.

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Despite the foreseeable decline in the total number of travelers, Turismo de Galicia considers that 2018 may be the “second best year” for Galicia After a […]
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