The 200 experiences offered by the show were followed by more than 7,000 attendees.

Xantar closed doors with more than 24 thousand visitors, figures that position it as a great international meeting point for tourism and gastronomy. With 273 exhibitors, 15 restaurants and 20 menus and offering more than 200 experiences to “live Xantar”, the only international fair specializing in gastronomic tourism in Spain concludes after five days of intense activity that were aimed at strengthening cross-border cooperation between Galicia and Portugal, and Ibero-American through the active participation of Panama and the presence of professionals and chefs from Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. Portugal, a guest country, was the star of this event, where he demonstrated why it has been chosen as the World’s Best Tourist Destination in the World Travel Awards. Xantar 2018 has once again counted on the loyalty of the sector’s professionals and also the general public from Galicia, Portugal and neighbouring provinces, which fulfills the show’s objective of promoting local tourism through gastronomy.

The 19th edition was closed by the Regional Minister for Rural Affairs, Ángeles Vázquez, who was accompanied by the director of the Galician Tourism Agency, Nava Castro, and the mayor of Ourense, Jesús Vázquez. The Minister indicated that “Xantar is a magnificent opportunity to promote Galician products, as it represents the entire production chain, from the producer to the hotel and catering industry and the food industry”. He also indicated that it is “an international reference and an example of cross-border and Ibero-American cooperation”. For his part, Nava Castro explained that “gastronomy is already a tourist attraction in itself but also a perfect complement to other tourist resources” and indicated that the Xunta will shortly approve its Plan of Enogastronomy.

The Xantar 2018 programme of activities presented more than 200 gastronomic experiences in three gastronomic classrooms and one tasting room, with an average of four activities per hour of the show, followed by more than 7,000 participants, mostly professionals in the sector. This program included live cooking exhibitions in which renowned chefs from Galicia, Portugal, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States participated and in which they valued local and quality products. Another activity that aroused the interest of professionals was the more than 25 tastings commented on products such as wine, liquors, cheeses, honey, rum or coffee. There are also more than 50 tastings offered by exhibitors, such as those of Amandi de Sober’s thread with cheese and wine from Amandi de Sober or the Botelo de O Barco de Valdeorras, to mention just a few of the tastings organised for this closing day.

Tuesday February 6th, 2018
clausura xantar 2018

Xantar 2018 closes its 19th edition with 24,000 visits as the only international trade fair specialized in gastronomy tourism in Spain.

The 200 experiences offered by the show were followed by more than 7,000 attendees. Xantar closed doors with more than 24 thousand visitors, figures that position […]
Wednesday January 31st, 2018
apartamentos turísticos

In December, the number of visitors increased by 3 points and more than 15 overnight stays in Galician non-hotel establishments.

With the publication of these figures, Galicia closes 2017 with more than 5 million visitors and 10 million overnight stays. With the publication of the INE […]
Wednesday January 31st, 2018
Cartel Xornada Augardentes

Awareness days on liquors and spirits for students and professionals of the tourism sector

Under the title “Neste Entroido… que non chos disguise”, the initiative aims to make the sector aware of the importance of consuming protected and labelled spirits. […]
Tuesday January 30th, 2018
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More than 200 food and wine activities and 12 countries represented in Xantar 2018

About to open its doors, between January 31st and February 4th, the International Gastronomic Tourism Fair offers visitors more than 200 activities to “live the Xantar […]