Cluster Turismo de Galicia will assume the task of preparing the next Strategic Plan of Tourism of Galicia, in which the fundamental lines of action will be established in this area for the next four years. The asociation representing 95% of the Galician tourism sector assumes this role under the agreement signed with the Tourism Galicia Department entitling him to develop in collaboration with the public administration the new road map that gives the baton to PITGA until he had now set the guidelines for tourism development of our destiny between 2014 and 2016.

The development of this Strategic Plan, as well as a crucial to establish the lines of development of evolution of our industry until 2020, a pioneer done not only in Galicia if not the rest of entrustment entails because it is the first time the regional administration which entrusts the sector the development of its Strategic Plan in tourism.

This circumstance puts Galicia as a pioneer in this work has been possible thanks to the work done together over the past two years between government and industry and is a further step in the solid public-private collaboration between the administration and tourism Galician.

For the implementation of PETGA, Turismo de Galicia has allocated a budget of 150,000 euros to allow the sector to work with Tourism Galicia to establish the fundamental pillars on which the destiny Galicia must continue to position itself as an international tourist power and destination tourism excellence. From the Cluster Turismo said this unique opportunity for the sector, across the whole of the last two years work, he has managed to be recognized by the government as “an indispensable tool for planning and promoting tourism in Galicia “, which will work in coordination to carry out this plan, essential for the future of tourism in Galicia.

For its part, the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, said that “will be invaluable to have the support of the cluster and each of those 6,727 tourism companies that make up” for the drafting of this new plan and explained that they are outperforming tourist targets set for this year that our community expects to surpass the 5 million visitors. In this line, she said that “to achieve an ambitious goal it is essential to listen to the sector” so this new Strategic Plan is the result of collaboration between the public administration and the tourism sector, faithfully represented in the cluster, which covers 95% Galician tourism businesses. “In this way, a reliable analysis of the sector will perform diagnosis and listening to their needs,” she said.

Monday May 2nd, 2016
firma convenio PETGA Turismo de Galicia abril 2016 2

Cluster Turismo of Galicia assumes the Strategic Tourism Plan of Galicia 2017-2020

Cluster Turismo de Galicia will assume the task of preparing the next Strategic Plan of Tourism of Galicia, in which the fundamental lines of action will […]
Monday May 2nd, 2016
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Monday May 2nd, 2016

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Monday May 2nd, 2016

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