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Are you a professional or a touristic company? If so, you want to know #Turespazo, private network of the Xunta de Galicia, create like a tool for Galician tourism. Conceived as a space contribution and participation between the tourism sector and the administration, this extranet is still in the testing period, hence the interest to hold open briefings for the sector to contribute to resolve questions of performance and improve functionality and operability of the network. At present, Turespazo contains all the information that public administration has of various tourist companies registered in the REAT ((Registry of Companies and Tourist Activities), and is accessible via the URL: http: //turespazo.turismo. gal.
Prior identification, the companies can access the official and promotional data that the Administration has on your company and can modify them. TURESPAZO is linked to electronic portal of the regional government to facilitate changes in information of an administrative nature and the performance of any of the about 30 steps that the regional government has available for the tourism sector. Through the platform professionals and entrepreneurs can also modify promotional data on their premises, which will be updated prior review, in the portals network, mobile applications and other media (brochures, touchscreens, stands Tourism), providing the end user quality information. It will also incorporate features such as the publication of tenders for each establishment or combination- travel plans in case of travel agencies.

TURESPAZO is one of the initiatives of the Plan Smart Tourism that the regional government launched last year to boost the technological modernization of a strategic sector of the Galician economy, and help save time and resources to professionals and to optimize its with management and improve tourism through the Network

Monday May 23rd, 2016

Turespazo enters testing period for optimization and knowledge of the sector

Are you a professional or a touristic company? If so, you want to know #Turespazo, private network of the Xunta de Galicia, create like a tool for […]
Monday May 16th, 2016
dia dos museos

The City of Culture celebrates Museum Day 2016

Workshops, storytelling, recreational activities, educational tours, art exhibits, … the City of Culture of Galicia  celebrates on Saturday May 21 the Museum Day an open day full […]
Wednesday May 11th, 2016
clausura gastroforum CSHG

More than 400 participants in the first edition of GastroFÓRUM CSHG

Tastings, but also panel discussions and debate on the Galician cuisine, its trends and its future. The first edition of GastroFÓRUM the Centro Superior de Hostelería Galicia […]
Monday May 2nd, 2016

The CSHG celebrates its first GastroFÓRUM

On 9 and 10 May the CSHG will hold its first Forum Gastronomic, the GastroFÓRUM 2016, an initiative in which leading industry professionals appointment will be given and […]