A total of 88,679 people registered a visit at one of the partners of the Route, 94% of them in cellars

In 2015 the Wine Route Rias Baixas received a total of 88,679 visitors, of which almost 94% was recorded in some of the 52 wineries attached to this route, which also has associated other establishments such as accommodation, museums or catering establishments . This figure, which represents a new record for the only Galician wine tourism itinerary certified by the Wine Routes of Spain, is, according to those responsible for the Ruta do Viño Rias Baixas that each winery received an average of 1572 visitors in 2015.

According to records provided by the partners, the subzone of Val do Salnés, whose wine tourism offer includes 36 wineries, is the one that counted in 2015 with more tourists, bringing together more than 90% of the total registration and an average of 2,113 people, while the wine company with the largest influx of tourists, also located in this subzone, accumulated a total of 15,006 visits.
By order of number of visitors to Salnés reception followed O Rosal, where 4,925 attendees were registered last year in the 6 wineries associated with an average of participants in guided tours this subzone 704.
Third is Condado do Tea, with 8 partner wineries, where registration of visits during 2015 amounted to 1,946 with an average of 243 people. Closes the list subzone Ribeira do Ulla, where the two wineries associated received 333 visitors.
This is the first time that the Wine Route Rías Baias discloses detailed data about visitors that travel the 52 wineries associated and distributed in the subareas of Val do Salnés, Condado do Tea,  O Rosal and Ribeira do Ulla.

Friday July 15th, 2016

The Wine Route Rias Baixas in 2015 received an average of 1572 visitors in its wineries reaching new record

A total of 88,679 people registered a visit at one of the partners of the Route, 94% of them in cellars In 2015 the Wine Route Rias […]
Monday July 11th, 2016
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