Portos de Galicia and Consellería do Mar made annual balance of nautical tourism in Galicia, which increased more than twice in Galician marinas over the past eight years.

According to data from the Consellería do Mar, Galician ports went from receiving an average of 4,000 vessels a year to more than 10,000 between 2010-2018, a figure that is reached for the first time in the history of Galician navies that had not previously reached this figure of transits a year. In total, Galician marinas received 10,150 boats, 5% more than in 2017.

To these good results are added those recorded so far this year because in the first half of 2019 the Galician marinas received 10% more boats compared to the same period last year, a remarkable growth that, according to the Department of Sea, is supported by the wide range of economic possibilities offered by these ports as a result of diversification operated in their maritime activities.

By territories, the ports of the Rías Baixas, between Muros and Tui, are consolidated at the head of the Galician ports, to receive a total of 7,400 vessels in transit during the first six months of 2018, according to data provided by the president of Portos de Galicia, José Juan Durán, 18 % that in 2017, being the port of Muros the most visited, with 1,277 ships during the past year. It is followed by Combarro, with 937, while Sanxenxo was the municipality that registered the highest number of stays, 1,134 in total between its marinas of Portonovo and the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo. The balance of the province of Pontevedra was also positive, to experience a considerable increase that exceeded 50%, to reach a total of 4,538 boats and the estuary of Pontevedra registered 2,500 boats, 13% more than in 2017.

If we talk about turnover, Portos de Galicia turnover in the business of recreational boating and sports in just over 2.5 million euros in the set of Galician port towns, of which more than 1.7 million correspond to the province of Pontevedra.

International promotion

In addition to taking stock of transits Portos de Galicia also positively valued the promotional actions at national and international level carried out during the past year, especially in the main events related to the sale of nautical leisure: International Boat Show Grand Pavois, La Rochelle; Paris Boat Show; Southampton Boat Show and Dusseldorf Boot Show (Germany). Not forgetting other communication actions carried out both in Ireland and neighbouring Portugal.

However, these entities are aware that Galicia must continue working to gain a greater number of transits, especially as an alternative to the saturation of the Mediterranean in the spring months and especially in summer, thanks to its strategic position, its coastline and the services offered by the Galician marinas.

Wednesday July 10th, 2019

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Portos de Galicia and Consellería do Mar made annual balance of nautical tourism in Galicia, which increased more than twice in Galician marinas over the past […]
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