Boqueixón and Portomarín receive the Galicia Parabéns awards in their first edition

entrega premios Galicia Parabens

Boqueixón and Portomarín receive the Galicia Parabéns awards in their first edition

The president of the Xunta and the director of Tourism of Galicia presented the awards

The municipalities of Boqueixón and Portomarín received the Galicia Parabéns Awards in their first edition from the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro at a ceremony held in Santiago de Compostela in which Núñez Feijóo encouraged municipalities to collaborate in tourism projects that promote the beautification of Galicia, its landscape and heritage. The protection and beautification of Galicia is a collective task, which transcends one or the other administration. It summons all public representatives and all citizens,”he said, guaranteeing the commitment of the Xunta to accompany them on this path.
During the awards ceremony of the 1st Galicia Parabéns Awards, Feijóo pointed out that 40% of the resources that will be allocated until 2020 to tourism will be directed to our heritage and our landscape, a tourist resource of the first magnitude.
Boqueixón and Portomarín, awarded prizes
Within this framework, the initiative of these awards is born, an initiative of the Xunta de Galicia through Tourism of Galicia, which aims to highlight and co-finance the best actions promoted by local entities that aim to conserve, improve and beautify the Galician landscape, and the integration in full harmony of architectural elements in all its nuclei, also seeking the sensitivity and collaboration of citizens in safeguarding the essence of our land. In short, the aim is to preserve the landscape elements of Galicia as a key element of our identity and an invaluable tourist resource.
In this first edition of the Awards, two modalities were established, a first category, in which the City Council of Boqueixón has won in this year’s edition, for the improvement of the Pico Sacro and its surroundings, which distinguishes actions already carried out in the last ten years, which will be completed with a new project that improves the actions undertaken previously and which will be financed with the financial award of the Galicia Parabéns Prize.
The Second Category, in which the City Council of Portomarín has been awarded for the improvement of the Agustín do Río Park, is intended to reward the projects presented for new interventions. The project will embellish the first picture that pilgrims who arrive in Portomarín along the French Way have of the town, reducing the impact of concrete on their views while undertaking the recovery of native forest species to enrich their natural value, and the creation of leisure spaces for neighbors and visitors.

premios galicia parabens

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