Very positive balance for Expourense, which brought together 117,000 visitors in 2016

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Very positive balance for Expourense, which brought together 117,000 visitors in 2016

The fairground of Ourense celebrated in 2016 11 fairs, three of them of international character, two halls and twenty events that supposed that by the facilities of Expourense passed 117,000 visitors. It was a success not only because of the number of visitors, but also because of the “internationalization effort of our companies”, explained Expourense manager, Alejando Rubín, who emphasized that “we organized 11 fairs during 2016 and the five international ones developed in Galicia, three-Xantar, Termatalia and Funergal-corresponded to Ourense. “

These figures were made public in an act of presentation of the annual report of Expourense in which also participated the president of the CEO, José Manuel Pérez Canal, who emphasized the importance of the internationalization of the Galician companies, or the director general of Commerce , Sol Vázquez, who emphasized the fact that “Expourense is a tool that increases the competitiveness of the Galician economy and facilitates the presence of our companies in the international markets.

In addition, it should be noted that Expourense is a center approved to provide professional training through the courses of the Training Action Plan for Dismissed (AFD), facilities in which are also organized workshops, courses and seminars training or professional updating. In the various calls, either complementing the fairs or individually, more than 350 national and international rapporteurs participated. Activities that were followed by more than 10,500 attendees.

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