The Coordinadora Galega da Bicicleta, formed by six associations that defend the use of this vehicle, has devised a route that would cover the entire Galician coast, a total of 866 kilometres from Tui to Ribadeo, which would form part of the EuroVelo cycle-tourist route network, which has already planned a route that would reach Santiago from Ponferrada. The Corunian association Crunia; A Golpe de Pedal (Vigo), Arousa en Bici (Vilagarcía), Composcleta (Santiago), Pedaladas (Pontevedra) and Verdegaia (Santiago) are the promoters of the project in which they started working last year through the Coordinadora en Defensa de la Bici (Conbici), with the Vigo association A Golpe de Pedal as the main promoter. The proposal for the line that would run along the Galician coast would start at A Guarda, where it would be linked to the Portuguese route, and go as far as Vegadeo. It would cross the Meridiana Depression, Barbanza, the Costa da Morte, the Ártabro Gulf, the headwaters of the Rías Altas and the Mariña Lugo.
Bike lane travel
In 2008, A Golpe de Pedal formulated the first proposal to develop the extension of a EuroVelo route along the Galician coast. It did so in collaboration with the Portuguese Federation of Cycling Tourism and Bicycle Users (FPCUB) and with the support of the Eixo Atlántico. The route would go from the south of the neighboring country to Asturias, in a route similar to the one now proposed. With the onset of the crisis at the end of the last decade, the lack of institutional support was a stumbling block for the project in Galicia. In Portugal, however, progress was made and last year the extension of the EuroVelo 1 route along its entire coast was approved, from the southernmost point in Sagres to the border with Galicia, in Caminha. In the first months of 2018, the representatives of the Coordinadora Galega da Bicicleta (Galician Bicycle Coordinator) will meet the councils through which the route would pass to gather support. It will be the first step to achieve consensus and the final approval of the Xunta.


Tuesday January 16th, 2018
rutas en bicicleta por galicia

If we had a bike lane to travel along the Galician coast from Tui to Ribadeo?

The Coordinadora Galega da Bicicleta, formed by six associations that defend the use of this vehicle, has devised a route that would cover the entire Galician […]
Monday January 15th, 2018
O titular do Goberno galego, Alberto Nœ–ez Feij—o, presidir‡ a reuni—n do Consello da Xunta. Na sala de Consello. Sî GRçFICOS. A partir das 12,30 horas, comparecer‡ en rolda de prensa para dar conta dos asuntos tratados na reuni—n do Consello. Na sala de prensa de Consello.

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Thursday January 11th, 2018

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