APEHL advances a forecast of 80% average occupancy in the province of Lugo for the August bridge


APEHL advances a forecast of 80% average occupancy in the province of Lugo for the August bridge


The Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Businessmen of Lugo (Apehl) made public the data of hotel occupancy in the province during the month of July in which it reached an average of 73.96% occupancy. The data confirm the ascending line of business in this period that, although in previous years was already increasing, this year achieved a news rise.


The Ribeira Sacra was the zone of the province with more visitors, where the establishments had of average 93,2 % of occupation. Mariña and Lugo Centro were 85%, Terra Cha reached an average of 66.36% and the Mountain was 40%. As for the origin of visitors, most come from the domestic market, as most of its customers are from different parts of Spain but calls attention to the number of Asian visitors, because “is appearing a new profile of international tourist approaching Korea and China”.


August Bridge

From the Apehl they are already advancing the forecast for the next August bridge in which it is expected to reach an average occupancy of 79.52 %. Mariña could reach 95 %; Lugo Centro 86.4 %; La Montaña 55 %; Terra Chá 63 % and Ribeira Sacra 98.2 %.


The hotel and catering sector in other provinces points to its forecasts


From the Provincial Association of Hotel Businessmen of A Coruña, its president, Hector Cañete, comments that “the weather has not helped much”, so, in the absence of accounting the latest official data, expect that the results of July are slightly below those achieved in 2018. Looking ahead to August, he maintains good expectations, as he says that a certain “Xacobeo effect” is beginning to be noticed.


In the interior the climate situation does not seem to have changed the figures. The president of the Hotel Federation of Ourense, Ovidio Fernandez. “In general, July has not been what I expected. But fortunately our province continues to improve its figures, although more moderately,” he says. “The bad weather that does not help other provinces benefits us. Those who can’t go to the beach choose to visit us or come to Santiago,” he points out. However, Fernández points out that the one who arrives in Ourense is an “itinerant tourism”, which mainly stays for one or two nights.


From the Provincial Federation of Hostelería of Pontevedra, its president César Sánchez comments that Vigo and surroundings have marked “very good” data of occupation, when compensating the reductions caused by the irregular time with the celebration of the World Junior of Handball and an important number of workers of the construction linked to the works of the station of train lodged in the city. Meanwhile, in areas such as Pontevedra or Sanxenxo, the occupation remained stable. However, in O Grove or Baiona the results have not left good impressions. “The provincial average will possibly be positive but will hide very different situations,” says Sanchez.

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