Santiago City Council and Compostela Hotel and Catering Company collaborate to promote the consumption of tap water

Santiago City Council and Compostela Hotel and Catering Company collaborate to promote the consumption of tap water

The Santiago City Council and the Compostela Hospitality Association have signed an agreement to promote the consumption of running water and, therefore, reduce the generation of waste in the HORECA sector. The agreement, framed within the Santiauga project, commits Hostelería Compostela to act as an intermediary between the establishments and the city council, giving the maximum diffusion and visibility to this initiative and organizing information sessions for the establishments interested in participating in the proposal.

For its part, the Santiago City Council undertakes to deliver the campaign materials, such as jars or table posters, to the participating establishments. The initiative, “is part of the association’s commitment to care for the environment, and is part of the objective of to have a cleaner and more welcoming city, as the customers in the sector deserve, The president of the Association, Sara Santos, explained that “there will be many establishments that will join the campaign.

The councillor for the Environment and Coexistence, Xan Duro, explained that the agreement aims to “encourage restaurants, preferably those that serve the daily menu, to offer tap water to accompany lunches or dinners”, following an initiative that has been successfully operating for years in cities around the world such as Paris or New York. “The consumption of tap water is the best option for quality, sustainability, price and health” not only because of the enormous environmental impact of plastic waste, which is added to the costs of bottled water, but also because “we have very good quality tap water, which has the ESO 22000 certification for food safety and control of the safety of drinking water”, a recognition implemented in the reference food industries that also began to be introduced in some water supplies for human consumption. In addition, laboratory studies indicate that the quality of the water from the Santiago tap is identical to that of bottled water, with a low degree of mineralization, intermediate pH levels and low sodium content.


Galicia Destino Activo advances in the creation of more than 16 active tourism products

Galicia Destino Activo advances in the creation of more than 16 active tourism products

The reference brand of Active Tourism of Galicia is involving through working groups all the tourism companies in Galicia with an interest in the marketing of active tourism products.

With the aim of setting the quality standards required to be part of the GALICIA DESTINO ACTIVO programme in 2018, the Cidade da Cultura hosted a new working day in which 13 working groups were set up to advance the development of a total of 16 new tourism products.
The working groups are the result of the implementation of the Workshop Galicia Destino Activo 18, held on May 24th. This event, in which more than 1600 B2B meetings were held, served as a link between all types of companies that provide tourist services in Galicia.
As a result of this creation of synergies, working groups were obtained that are developing 16 tourist products framed in the strategy of Galicia Active Destination.
The companies participating in the project have until 18 June to adapt their offer to the standards set. Subsequently, the work of photography, coming, writing of texts and creation of online and offline supports will begin, as well as the concrete actions of promo-commercialization that will allow to approach this offer in an avant-garde way to the potential marketers of this created offer.
Galicia Active Destination is the reference brand for the promotion of active tourism in Galicia, which was created in 2015 as a result of the ideas competition of the Galician Tourism Cluster and which has since then been activating the promotion of this discipline in foreign markets. For you you are the Cluster has the technical support of the promoting group of Galicia Active Destination, formed by the Galician Association of Active Tourism Companies (AGETAN), the tour operator CN Travel, the Caldaria group and the Galician Association of Travel Agencies (AGAVI).


Pontevedra Provincial Council will include the private sector in its next promotion activities

Pontevedra Provincial Council will include the private sector in its next promotion activities

The provincial institution advanced that the next appointments of tourist promotion will be in Barcelona and Lisbon

Under the maxims of consensus and unanimity, the Provincial Tourism Board of Pontevedra was constituted, created under the auspices of the Strategic Tourism Plan that established the main lines of action of the Pontevedra County Council in this sector, a first meeting that also served to approve its operating regulations and some arguments presented by its members, which were included unanimously.

Thus, the provincial table was constituted by the Cluster of Tourism of Galicia, Provincial Federation of Hostelera; Tourism of Galicia (Xunta de Galicia), Vigo airport, GDR Pontevedra Norte, GAL Ría de Arousa, GDR Bajo Miño, Ruta del Viño Rías Baixas, the Manuel Antonio and Carlos Oroza schools, and the town councils of Vigo, Pontevedra, Baiona and A Guarda.

Three were the allegations presented to this formation, one by the Port of Vigo, which requested its participation, and which was invited to participate when aspects related to nautical tourism were discussed; another for the participation of the association of hoteliers of Pontevedra, which was considered and will participate in the table; in the third, the demand of the municipalities of the interior to participate also in the promotion to use the brand Pontevedra Province, in addition to the more consolidated Tourism Rías Baixas.

Subsequently, the president of the Provincial Council presented a report on the actions being carried out by the provincial institution in the promotion and dissemination, such as the different presentations of the destination at the national and international levels and was informed about the two initiatives linked to online marketing and promotion, within the “Turis-Tic” project, for the use of new technologies in the tourism sector.


Promotion of training and promotion actions to promote Galicia as a healthy destination

Promotion of training and promotion actions to promote Galicia as a healthy destination

Expourense, through its brand Termatalia, Silleda Green Week Foundation and the Federation of Hotels and Catering of Ourense have launched a joint project with the Competition of Ideas of the Cluster of Tourism of Galicia

The first of these actions was carried out yesterday with the showcooking given by chef Julio Mato del Río in Turexpo, Silleda.

Expourense, through its international brand “Termatalia”, has launched a project that aims to promote Galicia as a destination for health, medical and healthy tourism. Semana Verde Foundation of Galicia and the Provincial Federation of Hospitality of Ourense accompanied in this project that was presented to the Contest of ideas launched by the Cluster of Tourism of Galicia with the support of the Xunta.

To carry out this objective of promoting Galicia as a destination for health and medical tourism, the three entities involved have launched a series of actions that also promote the complementary offer, of which healthy and sustainable gastronomy or trade are part. The first of them was carried out in the framework of the Turexpo fair that is held in Silleda until next Sunday. It was the Healthy Gastronomy Workshop given by the Galician chef Julio Mato del Río, head chef of Ecochotel Nos, who prepared live fusion dishes with Galician products and zero kilometer. Coinciding with the inauguration of the international fair Semana Verde Abanca in which Turexpo is framed, the “Corner Cooking” was visited by the Regional Minister of Rural Affairs, Ánxeles Vázquez, the Director of Tourism Nava Castro and the Director of Agriculture, Belén Docampo, as well as the Secretary of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal, who accompanied the presentation of the showcooking.
The next action in this project will be a training day on Galician cuisine in the castle of Maceda given by the chef Carlos Parra, on 20 June.
This project will conclude with the celebration in Brazil, in Foz do Iguaçu, between the 12th and 14th of September of the next edition of Termatalia, International Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness Fair. Within the framework of the Tourist Contracting Exchange and before tour operators from around twenty countries, a Catalogue will be presented that gathers together the offer of Health and Medical tourism in Galicia. In addition, this fair will have a Healthy Eating Classroom in which a Galician chef will participate.


The Cluster Tourism of Galicia participates in the eighth edition of Turexpo

The Cluster Tourism of Galicia participates in the eighth edition of Turexpo

More than 40 tour operators from 12 countries, 45 festivals of tourist interest, dozens of stands of public and private entities to publicize the Galician tourist offer,….the Galician Tourism Fair (Turexpo Galicia) and the Fair of Festivals of Tourist Interest (Festur) are held until Sunday 10 June jointly and parallel to the great annual event of the International Fair Abanca Green Week of Galicia, which brings together more than 100,000 visitors each year. A double showcase that offers Galician tourism companies the opportunity to directly reach the entire distribution channel and also travellers and in which the Cluster Tourism of Galicia participates with an information stand that will be open until Sunday to publicize the objective and actions in which this entity that brings together the Galician private tourism sector.

A sector that participates in the fair through its Contracting Exchange, a platform to bring together issuers and receivers of tourism, which last year led to more than 2,400 meetings of tour operators from 10 countries through meetings scheduled according to the strategy of each exhibitor. For this exchange, in which the Galica Tourism Agency collaborates, the Cluster has provided a total of 10 invitations for its members to participate in these scheduled meetings.

The Turexpo space is completed with Festur, an event that visitors enjoy with all five senses, which will provide an interesting opportunity for municipalities and entities promoting these festivals and which will not lack a colorful program with exhibitions and tastings of the different festivals that will be held throughout these days of promotion.

And all this without forgetting the celebration of Salimat Abanca, with the novelties in the field of gastronomy and drinks, as well as Green Week itself, which brings together more than 200 activities of all kinds.


About twenty experts in health tourism meet to outline the professional actions of Termatalia Brasil 2018

About twenty experts in health tourism meet to outline the professional actions of Termatalia Brasil 2018

The celebration of the 1st Latin American Thermalism Meeting will be one of the novelties of the new edition of Termatalia, which will take place between September 12 and 14 in Foz do Iguaçu.

Between 12 and 14 September, the Master Convention Centre of the Hotel Recanto Cataratas de Foz do Iguaçu, in the State of Paraná, will host the celebration of a new edition of Termatalia under the slogan “The Energy of the Waters”. The objective of the International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness will be to act as a dynamizing agent of the health tourism sector at world-wide level, placing the main focus on the enhancement of natural resources such as water.

To this end, the Advisory Committee of Termatalia, made up of 20 experts in thermal and health tourism, has held a meeting to establish the professional actions related to both knowledge and business that will be developed in the “Thermatalia Week”. Those attending this meeting agreed on the value of the “Termatalia” brand as a reference point for thermal development, especially in Latin America, as well as the international projection that the fair has achieved in this continent, which will serve as an umbrella for Spanish companies, and especially Galician companies, that are committed to participating in the fair.

The schedule of the “Semana Termatalia” would be the following including professional actions from the 10th to the 15th of September (although the fair itself will be held on the 13th and 14th of September).
10th September: Professional training course: “Tourism marketing”.
Day 11 of September: Professional training course: “Quality protocols in thermal centers”.
September 12: Opening day of the XIII International Meeting on Water and Health with the session on Tourism, Innovation and Sustainability.
13th and 14th of September: celebration of the International Fair of Tourism of Health and Well-being Termatalia Brasil 2018. During these days will be held the Health Tourism Workshop – Tourism Contracting Exchange and will continue the XIII International Meeting on Water and Health (Day 13: Session on Medical Hydrology and Day 14: 1st Latin American Meeting on Thermalism and Meeting of Cities and Thermal Villages).
Day 15 of September: Thermal tourist routes and Networking.

Latin American Thermalism Meeting
The main novelty of this edition will be the celebration of the 1st Latin American Meeting on Thermalism, scheduled for the morning of Friday, September 14 and in which, over three sessions, topics such as Social Thermalism in Public Health Systems or Thermal Therapies in Latin America will be addressed. The organisation has made various packages available to exhibitors and professional visitors to facilitate stand rentals as well as accommodation and meals. Available from