A Coruña commitment nautical tourism with the creation of a Xacobea sailing route

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A Coruña commitment nautical tourism with the creation of a Xacobea sailing route

The municipality of A Coruna, the Tourism Consortium of A Coruña and the association who collected the private marinas at North of Spain, called North Marinas,  have signed an agreement for the implementation of Xacobea sailing route. The project, under the name “Sail the Way” will create this new tourism product that from the municipality want to put Coruna as pole of attraction of nautical tourism.

The partnership between Tourism Corunna and North Marinas, an association of nautical ports of Galicia, the Basque Country, Cantabria and Asturias, allow all boaters who so wish to seal a credential for the Compostela from the 100 nautical miles, provided they complete the course with 10 kilometers on foot to reach Santiago. As indicated by the municipal official Alberto Lema, “we believe that this is a very beneficial project for the city-level tourism promotion, since we combine two important poles of attraction, as are the English Way to Santiago de Compostela and nautical routes “.

The agreement includes the promotion of the city as a destination in Southampton boat shows, Paris, Dusserldorf and La Rochelle, as well as other promotional supports the project. Forecasts project “Sail the Way” is to expand the network of partners beyond the Spanish coast and onwards coastal towns of France and the United Kingdom join, strengthening a tourist product aimed at potential pilgrims and sailing enthusiasts ports, which will benefit the arrival of international tourists to la Coruna.

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