150,000 euros for advocacy and improved communication Arousa Norte Destination

A directora de Turismo de Galicia, Nava Castro, asinará un convenio de colaboración co presidente da Mancomunidade de Municipios Ría de Arousa Zona Norte, Manuel Rivas, para a promoción do turismo no xeodestino.

150,000 euros for advocacy and improved communication Arousa Norte Destination

Tourism Galicia will allocate a total of 150,000 euros for the momentum in promoting the Mancomunidad de Arousa Norte, especially with regards to new technologies as an important part of this funding will be aimed at the renewal of the web, social networks and creating an app with the regional agenda of the area. The contribution of these funds is possible by the signing of an agreement between the government and the Mancomunidad, which will run until 2017 and will have as scope the municipalities of A Pobra do Caramiñal, Boiro, Rianxo and Ribeira. The actions to be developed also aim to consolidate this territory as accessible destination for people with disabilities, while encouraging sports tourism, nature and gastronomy.

Thus, interpreters for guided under the Autonomic Meeting of Deaf people of Galicia and activities for people with visual disabilities, will be engaged communication accessible around sensitive Mussel Route supply will be improved. Also, seminars on accessible tourism for students and tour operators will also be held.

Sport, nature and gastronomy
As for sports and nature tourism, inspection and technical project it will be to approve a hiking trail in Rianxo and a regional circuit of popular races will be created, as well as collaborating with the organization of Route 100 km from the International Trekkers, sporting event that runs, among others, the four municipalities of the commonwealth. This activity, which will be held end of June in 2016 and now in its third edition, will help promote tourism in the area. In addition, attendance at fairs to promote tourism and the creation of a database of tourism companies, tourism resources and visual and informative material, among other actions will be promoted.

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